Wednesday, July 9 2014

Time SpeakerTitle
9:00Session W1

Paul Muir
Hans G. Feichtinger
University of Vienna
Numerical Issues in Time-Frequency Analysis
9:25Wayne Enright
University of Toronto
Reliable Software for Investigating Mathematical Models Described by Systems of ODEs
9:50Javier Segura
Universidad de Cantabria
Algorithms for the computation and inversion of cumulative gamma distribution functions
10:15Coffee Break

10:40 Session W2

Marian Vajtersic
Marian Vajtersic
University of Salzburg
Block Jacobi-based routines for SVD versus ScaLAPACK
11:05Richard Hanson
HPC Consulting and Analysis
CoarrayARPACK: Parallel ARPACK in Fortran 2008
11:30Ping Tak Peter Tang
Intel Corporation
Introducing the FEAST Hermitian Eigensolver
11:55Jennifer Scott
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Challenges in Sparse Linear Solvers
12:20 Lunch Break

13:40Session W3

Ronald Boisvert
Siegfried M. Rump
Hamburg Technical University
Computer-assisted proofs in floating-point
14:05Walid Taha
Halmstad University,
Rice University
Enclosing the Behavior of a Hybrid System up to and Beyond a Zeno Point
14:30Patrick Gaffney
14:55John R. Rice
Purdue University
A new Approach to Software Piracy Protection
15:20 Coffee Break

15:45Session W4

Angelos Mantzaflaris
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Geometry + Simulation Modules
16:10Wenhao Zhu
Shanghai University
Data Allocation Optimization with User Modeling in Dynamic User-Integrated Cloud Computing Framework
16:35Axel S├╝ndermann
Institute of Molecular Modeling and Simulation
LUCI4HPC - A Lightweight User-friendly Cluster Installer for High Performance Computing to facilitate the maintenance of in-house clusters
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