Tuesday, July 8 2014

Time SpeakerTitle
8:50Session T1

Gundolf Haase
Craig Douglas
University of Wyoming
A Fast Method for Modeling Water Infiltration in Porous Media
9:15Wu Zhang
Shanghai University
Parallel performance evaluation of large-scale computing based on the lattice Boltzmann method
9:40Paul Muir
Saint Mary's University
B-spline Collocation Software with Efficient Interpolation-Based Spatial Error Control for the Numerical Solution of PDEs
10:05Coffee Break

10:30 Session T2

Ulrich Langer
Gundolf Haase
University of Graz
GPU accelerated programming and demands from applications
10:55Othmar Koch
TU Vienna
Parallel Adaptive Splitting Methods for Nonlinear Evolution Equations
11:20Huidong Yang
Austrian Academy of Sciences
A highly templatized and extendable C++ implementation for fluid-structure interaction simulation
11:45Lukas Einkemmer
University of Innsbruck
A conservative discontinuous Galerkin scheme for the 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
12:10 Lunch Break

13:30Session T3

Robert Elsässer
Siegfried Benkner
University of Vienna
Automatic Performance Tuning for Parallel Architectures
13:55Jiang Xie
Shanghai University
A 2-Nearest Neighbors-based hybrid algorithm
14:20Dominik Kaaser
Universität Salzburg
On the Influence of Graph Density on Randomized Gossiping
14:45 Coffee Break

15:10Session T4

Othmar Koch
Amparo Gil
Universidad de Cantabria
Algorithms and Software for Computing Associated Legendre Functions
15:35Ping Tak Peter Tang
Intel Corporation
A Framework for Low-Communication 1-D FFT
16:00Martin Neumüller
Kepler University Linz
Parallel solvers for time dependent problems
16:25Karl Prikopa
Universityof Vienna
A truly distributed iterative refinement linear least squares solver

18:00DepartureBus transfer (from Berggasse)
18:30Workshop Dinner


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